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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom – April 2016

Extract taken from Friday Sermon delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V [aba] on 06 June 2015 at Frankfurt, Germany.

Photo: Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (aba)

Here I would like to clarify to all Ahmadis, new comers and the youth that there is a significant difference between Imam (Leader), Khilafat (Caliphate) and dictatorship. Khilafat is established after accepting the Imam of the age; it’s established as per the promises of Allah the Almighty. And all those who accept Khilafat make a pledge that they will do everything to continue the system of Khilafat.

Which dictator has a personal relationship with the subjects of his government? The Khalifa of the time has a personal connection with all Ahmadis across the world, be they of any nation or race. Their personal letters come which contain their personal matters. If we just cast an eye on the daily letters that are received, it’s an unimaginable matter for the worldly people. It’s only Khilafat that thinks of the discomfort of every Ahmadi across the world. The Khalifa of the time prays for them.

Which worldly leader exists who would pray for the sick, or would be anxious about the marriages of the daughters of their nations and would pray for them? Which leader exists who would be concerned about the education of the children? Indeed, governments provide education and also provide health service but it is only the Khalifa of the time who is anxious for Ahmadi children to seek education and is anxious for them to have good health. It’s only the members of Ahmadiyya Community that have the good fortune where the Khalifa of the time has concerns for them.

There is no problem, be it of the Jama’at or of someone’s private life of which the Khalifa of the time is not aware, for which he does not make practical efforts and does not turn to God to pray. I and the Khulafa before me have all done this.

I have just illustrated this outline of numerous tasks of the Khalifa of the time that God has entrusted to him and which he has to perform. There is no country in the world that I do not go to in my imagination before falling asleep and for whom I do not pray while sleeping and while waking. I am not saying this to count favours, no, this is my duty and may Allah the Exalted make me perform my duty more than ever. Only purpose to say this was to make it clear that there can be no comparison between Khilafat and worldly leaders.


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