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The Fight Against COVID-19 is as Much Mental as Biological

This entire situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has led the world to take drastic measures, to such an extent that a large population of the planet is required to stay at home as much as possible. This has the potential to have an effect on mental health.

By Ibn Rasheed
Published on April 30, 2020 at 6:00 pm
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We’re shown how numbers of people with this virus are soaring, and distressing images from abroad which we’re told are soon to appear in hospitals here as well. Stay at home because you’re not safe, is the message reverberating, and all this can take its mental toll.

Such an atmosphere is bound to cause worry, anxiety and fear. The charity Anxiety UK has experienced a rise in callers since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The World Health Organisation has recommended not watching, reading or listening to too much news which might cause anxiety or distress, instead only getting updates at specific times of day and seeking practical information which can help you and your family stay safe.

Huzoor (aba) has instructed Ahmadi Muslims to abide by all government guidelines, take care of one’s health, stay home as much as possible and of course, pray and rely on Allah. Ultimately our comfort, hope, faith and protection lies in Him. One who regularly prays, recites the Qur’an and lives by Islamic principles is saved from all types of worries, fears and difficulties, as the Holy Qur’an promises that the believers will have no fear, nor will they grieve [Ha Mim As-Sajdah 41:31]. Even the most holy and Godly people experience fear, stress and unease, but God saves them from lasting grief and protects them from harm. Hence, we should take our precautions, think positively, restrict our media consumption habits and put our total trust in Allah and entrust our affairs to Him.

Health & Fitness


By Ataul Fatir Tahir

Photo: Couleur

During this Covid-19 crisis, hygiene is paramount. So what does Islam say about hygiene?

In the Holy Quran God Almighty says that “Allah loves those who keep themselves clean” (Al-Baqarah, 2:223). Also, the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) said that “Cleanliness is half of faith” (Sahih Muslim). Not only that, but Muslims also perform ablution five times a day before each prayer. This includes washing the hands, nose, mouth, face, arms and even their feet. The Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) hugely encouraged brushing one’s teeth throughout the day and keeping nails and even pubic hair trimmed. Islam promotes people to keep the society clean as well. The Holy Prophet (sa) hugely promoted the use of fragrance too. Also, when Muslims go to the lavatory they make use of water hence the lack of toilet roll issues within the Muslim world.

“Allah loves those who keep themselves clean”

(Al-Baqarah, 2:223)

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